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The Health and Rehabilitation Center “Sofra” locacted in a famous seaside resort Mielno with direct access to the beach, is one of the most attractive sites on the Polish Coast. This modern facility offers accommodation for 130 persons, a wide range of treatment and rehabilitation programs and facilities, treatment rooms, and a catering area. The center provides services covering: curative stays (diets: vegetable and fruit, wholesome, 1000 calories, Mediterranean, gluten-free), rehabilitation holidays for the disabled, and holiday stays. The key product offered by the Health and Rehabilitation Center “Sofra” is a healthy diet implemented under the medical supervision of MD Ewa Dąbrowska. The treatment based on vegetable and fruit diet that triggers self-healing processes in the human body is one of the most effective and natural methods of treating civilization diseases related to, among others, metabolic disorders (overweight, hypertension, diabetes), defective immune responses and a variety of degenerative conditions. MD Ewa Dąbrowska carries out individual consultations with Patients during each and every treatment period. The “Sofra” resort ensures high quality professional services, individual approach to Customers, and a friendly family-like atmosphere.

Wide range of diets

We offer a multitude of flavors based on natural products. Our vegetable blends shall delight any gourmet.

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The Health and Rehabilitation Center “Sofra” offers a wide range of massages performed by experienced staff at affordable prices.

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Sofra Delicatessen

We offer top quality, naturally processed products that are free from toxins and made from fresh fruit, vegetables, nuts, and seeds.

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SPA treatments

An extensive list of treatments has been developed to ensure the best solutions for Patient’s age and type of skin.

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MD Ewa Dąbrowska

Specialist in internal diseases. Her method is based on natural medicine and diets she developed herself.

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Rehabilitation holidays

For people with disabilities. The offer is available for both subsidized and non-subsidized Patients (stay fully paid).

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  • This is the best resort I've ever stayed at for rehabilitation. I heartily recommend it! - Artur N.

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